beginner turntable

If you’re interested in starting a vinyl collection and want to start with the basics, this blog post is for you. I am going to talk about beginner turntable that will give you great sound quality and value. This article will discuss how they work and what features are important to consider when purchasing one for yourself or as a gift. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Headphones

Audio products such as headsets or headphones are used in everyday life, and this is not about to stop as music is present in our lives.

Classic earbuds

These are the classic headphones that are placed in the ear. These are placed on the edge of the external ear canal, which means that insulation from outside noise is generally not optimal. The advantage of this type of headset is undoubtedly its price: the most affordable.

In-ear headphones

As the name suggests, these headphones fit into the ear canal. Small and discreet, they invade the market and offer better sound isolation as well as excellent audio fidelity compared to conventional headsets. In-ear headphones are fitted with silicone or rubber tips, hence their ability to isolate much better than conventional earphones or even certain headsets.

The ear contours

These are fitted with flexible ear loops, which hold them perfectly in place. This type of product is ideal for athletes who want to have optimal user comfort and especially headphones that do not move.Different Types of Headphones2

The headphones with headband

This is the traditional headphones, to be placed on the head via a support headband. A distinction is made between on-ear headphones that are placed on-ear and over-ear headphones which completely cover the ears.

On-ear headphones

Also called on-ear, these are special headphones that are designed to cover the entire ear. They are therefore much larger than standard headphones. They are, however, smaller and more compact than the headphones above.

When worn over the ears, they immerse you completely in the sound output and minimize leakage. This leads to minimal interference with those around you and is therefore ideal for use in public places. Due to their size, they are larger and more voluminous to handle. You will find them very uncomfortable when worn for a long time.

Over-ear headphones

It means that they pass over and around your ears, thus enclosing them tightly. With this arrangement in mind, they have great bass responses. Not to mention that they also have the biggest sound stage.

This is the headset to use if you plan to listen to music for an extended period. They have a serious drawback in that they predispose your ears to sweat and some discomfort if inadequate padding is used to compensate for them. Because of their better size and shape, they are more expensive and may even require a few amplifiers to function properly.Different Types of Headphones3

What are the different types of connections?

3.5 mm jack

This is the classic wired connection that is found in the majority of cases. Just plug the Jack connector of the headphones or earphones into the audio input of the source (smartphone, computer, TV, tablet). This audio input is also called “Headphone jack” in some cases, especially on TVs.


It is a wireless connection that is found on more and more models today. The pairing procedure is very simple, just follow the user manual to put the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth headphones in “appear” mode and go to the Bluetooth menu of the audio source. Once the first connection has been made, it will remain in memory.