How Do I Stop Airpods From Connecting To Other Devices?

Certain Bluetooth headphones are capable of flipping between different paired devices dynamically, based on increasing music is performed.

AirPods can only play this function between your iPhone and Apple Watch, though. In all other situations, AirPods would merely attempt to link up to the last connected device.

Due to their premium price tag and iconic nature, AirPods have become a status symbol. Yet these characteristics also make them an enticing target for aspiring criminals and due to this one needs to stop AirPods from connecting to other devices.

Your AirPods are more vulnerable to hacking than most Apple products because they do not use iCloud Activation Lock.

Once you start, make sure you attach your AirPods to at least one of the devices you want to turn between. AirPods syncs the matching details from your iCloud account, allowing it to be paired to your other Apple devices without the need for extra pairing.


How does anyone else use my Lost AirPods?

If your AirPods are snatched by a robber, it is incredibly easy to link them to another iPhone.

All the robber has to do is place both of the AirPods in the charging case and keep the Setup button for a few seconds.

It is the same procedure that you would pursue if you had to upgrade your AirPods to repair a device error.

Upon reset, you can stop others from connecting to AirPods. They could still exist in your settings, but you cannot stop someone else from using them.

How if my AirPods were missing, but I still have the case?

If you still have a charging case, you may believe a robber would not use your AirPods. That makes sense, as the thief wants to get the AirPods back on track to pair them with a new iPhone.

However, they will also use every other case of AirPod to do so.

You may not know this, but your AirPods can fit with every charging case — provided you choose a Pro case for AirPods. Maybe they are going to use a case they robbed from someone else.

Even if they just took one of my airpods?

A single AirPod is definitely less effective for a criminal than a pair. But if the robber takes another AirPod from someone else, they can still connect the AirPods together to create a full package using a charging case.