How do I market myself as a music singer?

The music business is not very far from the retail stores where you purchase the supplies. The moment you open your mind to this reality.

The better it will be for you to sell your music more efficiently.

So why is it? What is it that keeps your local music shop in business for 20 years or more? What are they doing to marketing yourself as a music artist?

Let us face it now. The music industry is possibly one of the most challenging businesses to achieve some sort of success.

marketing for musiciansI say, you need to gig and ride, and also your online presence with social networking and updating your website on a regular basis. And when are you going to find time to talk about marketing? This is the problem.

Most of the artists I interview really do not care about selling their songs at all. Can you imagine that? Do you think the music shop in town will thrive without any sort of marketing strategy in place? I do not know.

And if you are hoping that all the shipments you have shipped out to everybody on the list or the bible book you have just purchased are going to give you a new business. Guess once again.

The truth is that in order for you to thrive in this market, you need to do digital marketing for musicians in the “real world.”

The build it and they will come method does not work if you are like most bands and musicians today, you are thinking that the fans who came to your gig last week will naturally come to your next gig just because you are sending them a text.

It is sad, but this is the attitude that a lot of bands are walking around with, and it is the same apathetic approach to dealing with your audience that is going to lose you a ton of money. And why am I doing that?

Be a giver, man. Your Music Fans Love It When You Share Well, let us look at it like this one.

Let us say that the rocking ‘band that you went out to see last week gave you a freebie only because you turned up to watch them perform.

Maybe they sent you a gift card for a few free music downloads or hell, maybe they splurged a bit and sent you a free CD when you sent them your email address.